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Terms and Conditions


“Purchaser” – 

“adult” – person over the age of 18 years of age. 


  1. This website is owned and operated by Amanda Jayne Flowers. ABN: 29157949917 
  2. By accessing, browsing, using and ordering from this website, you accept and agree to all the terms, conditions and disclaimers contained herein. 
  3. Amanda Jayne Flowers may, and reserves the right, to amend these terms and conditions from time to time. Amendments to any terms and conditions takes effect immediately. 
  4. Please note that certain products advertised by Amanda Jayne Flowers may not be available. As such, the item will be substituted for a similar product of equal, or higher value. This includes, but is not limited to, any flowers in any floral arrangements, packaging, chocolates and toys. 
  5. Due to demand and the nature of the floral industry, some colours or varieties of flowers may need to be substituted to meet delivery times. 
  6. The purchaser is aware and accepts that in floral arrangements, some flowers despatched closed. This is to ensure that the flowers last longer and to limit damage when in transport. 
  7. It is the purchaser’s responsibility to check their details and delivery details accurately. The purchaser must confirm that the name and address or the recipient are complete and correct. 
  8. It is the responsibly of the purchaser to ensure that the recipient will be in attendance at the address at the date and time of delivery.  

Delivery of Flowers and Gifts

  1. Amanda Jayne Flowers endeavours to deliver flowers and/or gifts at a suitable time determined by the purchaser. However, Amanda Jayne Flowers makes no guarantees to delivery times. The delivery time selected by the purchaser is the latest time that the flowers and/or gifts will be delivered. The delivery can be made any time, up to or before, the selected time for delivery. 
  2. The purchaser has the option to select ‘leave at front door’. Amanda Jayne Flowers accepts no liability for any loss or damage suffered as a result of leaving the flowers and/or gifts unattended. 
  3. For Residential addresses, should the delivery driver deem the location unsafe to leave the items, the flowers and/or gifts will be returned to store for redelivery at another date and time. Should redelivery be required, redelivery fees will apply. Payment of redelivery fees must be made prior to scheduling of the redelivery. 
  4. For deliveries at business, schools, hospitals, Amanda Jayne Flowers takes no responsibility for delivered items that are required to be redirected to a mailroom or reception desk. 
  5. Amanda Jayne Flowers guarantees same day delivery (unless delivery is unable to be made in accordance with any other terms and conditions contained) that any flowers and/or gifts made before 2:00pm on a weekday, and 10:00am on a Saturday. 
  6. Deliveries will take place on Monday to Friday. 
  7. Depending on time and location, Saturday deliveries are available. However, additional delivery charges may apply. The Purchaser will be notified as to whether Saturday delivery is available prior to checkout. 
  8. Deliveries are not available on Sunday or Public Holidays, unless otherwise stated, or by prior agreement between Amanda Jayne Flowers and the purchaser. 
  9. Deliveries on special days, including but not limited to Mother’s Day, Valentines Day and Christmas, are subject to further terms and conditions. The purchaser will be notified of these conditions prior to checkout. 

Alcohol In accordance with the Liquor Act 1992 (QLD), Amanda Jayne Flowers will only sell alcohol under the following conditions:

  1. The alcohol must be delivered with a hamper, gift basket or floral arrangement. Alcohol cannot be sold as a stand-alone item. 

2. Liquor must be delivered a place other than the business where the sale was made. As such, Alcohol cannot be sold in store over the counter. Liquor can only be sold if included in a gift hamper/arrangement for delivery. 

3. Alcohol can only be delivered to a recipient of the gift. Alcohol cannot be delivered to the purchaser. 

4. The total value of the liquor and the container cannot be more than 75% of the total value of the gift’s sale price, or a lesser amount prescribed under a regulation. 

5. The quantity liquor (other than spirits) cannot be more than 2L. In the case of spirits, the quantity cannot exceed 1L.

6. Amanda Jayne Flowers will not deliver liquor if an adult isn present at the delivery address. Alcohol will not be left unattended. Should an adult not be available at the time of delivery, Amanda Jayne Flowers will use their best endeavours to contact the relevant person for the delivery to take place. 

7.Amanda Jayne Flowers accepts no responsibility for delays associated with the delivery of liquor when the relevant person is not available for delivery. 

By clicking ‘I agree at checkout, the purchaser agrees and accepts that they and the recipient of the liquor are over the age of 18 years. By doing so, the purchaser accepts that it is an offence to falsely represent that they and the recipient are over the age of 18 years. The purchaser accepts that it is an offence to purchase liquor for a recipient that is under the age of 18 years. Amanda Jayne Flowers reserves the right to ask for identification to confirm that the relevant person is an adult. 

Cancellation and Variation of Orders 

  1. Amanda Jayne Flowers reserves the right to refuse to make any variation to orders. 
  2. Please ensure that the details for goods is correct at the time of placing the order. 
  3. Amanda Jayne Flowers are unable to vary an order within 24 hours of the scheduled delivery time. Please ensure that an order is correct at the time of placing the order. 
  4. Amanda Jayne Flowers are unable to cancel or vary any orders that are prepared or are onboard with the courier for delivery. 
  5. Cancellations made more than 24 hours before the scheduled delivery time will attract a 50% administration fee. 

Purchaser’s Obligations The purchaser is responsible and has an obligation to:

1.Provide Amanda Jayne Flowers with a valid email address and telephone number. 

2.Ensure that recipients delivery address is correct.

3.That the recipient is at the address at the delivery time.

4.That the recipient’s details, such as name and address are correct and are spelt correctly. Amanda Jayne Flowers takes no responsibility for any incorrect information supplied by the purchaser.

5. Ensure that the personal message is written to the purchaser’s satisfaction. This includes all spelling, grammar and formatting. Amanda Jayne Flowers will write the message exactly as requested by the purchaser. 

Amanda Jayne Flowers takes no responsibility for incorrectly delivered goods, delivery to the wrong address

1.Once the flowers and/gifts are delivered in accordance with the purchasers’ instructions, the product because the responsibility of the purchaser. Amanda Jayne Flowers takes no responsibility for loss or damage to purchased goods once delivery is made in accordance with the purchasers’ instructions. 

Undelivered goods will attract a further redelivery fee where the purchaser has not complied with their obligations listed above. 


  1. Stock is not always as per photograph and will depend on stock availability. Should the item be unavailable, the closest item will be used in its place. All photography on this website is subject to copyright.

Pricing and Payment 

  1. All prices quoted on Amanda Jayne Flowers web site are inclusive of GST, unless otherwise stated. 
  2. By purchasing through the Amanda Jayne Flowers website and using Visa, Mastercard, American Express or other credit cards, the purchaser agrees that they are authorised to use the card and must have sufficient funds available for the cost of the Order.  Amanda Jayne Flowers accepts no responsibility for any loss suffered as a result of fraudulent use for credit cards. 


  1. A purchaser who is dissatisfied with any products must communicate the complaint to Amanda Jayne Flowers within 48 hours of the scheduled delivery time.  


Amanda Jayne Flowers is committed to protecting your personal information when you make a purchase from us, including through, telephone or other sales platforms. 

Amanda Jayne Flowers has developed this priva

What information is collected?

In order for Amanda Jayne Flowers to provide services to you, we must collect certain personal information, including but not limited to:

  1. Your name; 
  2. Email address; 
  3. Postal address; 
  4. Contact telephone numbers; 
  5. Credit card type, number and expiration date. 

If your purchase is as a gift, we also collect personal information of the gift receiver including their name, address, telephone number and any personalised messages requested by you.  

Amanda Jayne Flowers website, also records information including your IP address, date and time of access and information of each page visited. 

Refunds and returns policy

All purchases via Amanda Jayne Flowers website are governed by the following

Almost all of our products are of a perishable nature. Therefore, consumers have an obligation

To perform a minimum duty of care for the products, which we have outlined and called 

“The steps to enjoying your flowers for longer”

Hydrate them Well – on arrival at your place, know that some flowers can initially take up to 6 hours to rehydrate adequately. Cut the stems and place in fresh clean water.

Hydrate often – Change water, clean vase add fresh water. Products in floral foam never let the foam dry out – add a little water daily

Treat them like a friend – Flowers will wilt if left in direct sunlight or in a warm house all day. They will sweat if least in their protective sleeves or wrapping. 

Within 24 hours – if something is going wrong with you flowers, you have 24 hours from arrival to

Request a refund or replacement. Take some photos of the product, Please get in touch with us to share your photos and concerns.Photos of the product on arrival must be sent to us. 

Under the competition and Consumer act of 2010 (CCA) we must provide you with goods that: 

“Are of merchantable quality – goods need to reach a basic level of quality given the price of the

Goods and any description that is provided with the goods”

By purchasing from us, you expressly agree that we are considered the experts with relation to flower and plant quality, care and production and as such you will refer to us to be the sole judge of the fact with relation to the commercial performance of any flowers and plants unless you can establish as a matter of undeniable fact that you have superior skill and expertise which would render our knowledge the lesser of the two parties.

Please note instances of where plants or flowers have perished due to lack of:

Care – Evidenced by lack of hydration, lack of shaded place or adequate temperature even if caused by the consumers lack of knowledge or skill will not be an acceptable basis for a refund request.

Failure by the consumer to provide basic care to the items will immediately render the claim declined.